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    Default This Republic Day, Witness the Story of the Invisible Heroes and Heroines of India!

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    EPIC channel celebrates this Republic Day with six back-to-back episodes of its popular show, Adrishya – True Stories of Indian Spies, on 26th January starting at 12 PM.

    In battles won, and wars lost, there are many lives claimed regardless of the victor. But not all wars are won on the battlefield and not all soldiers fight. What about the invisible, unhindered men and women who risk their life and limb to protect the honor of their king, country, and home?

    This Republic Day, The EPIC Channel, India's first segmented Hindi entertainment channel, pays humble tribute to the Indian spies who fearlessly and silently protected the freedom of the nation with a special marathon of its most watched show, Adrishya- true stories of Indian spies.

    Starting 26th January at 12 PM, experience the incredible stories of spies such as Ravindra Kaushik, who established a false identity and enrolled in the Pakistani army to gather critical intelligence for India. His contribution has changed the course and magnitude of the conflict that could have occurred between the feuding countries.

    Also learn about R.N. Kao and K. Shankaran Nair who were instrumental in the training of guerilla militants to fight West Pakistan and their operation to establish Bangladesh as an independent country. Adrishya shares their experience.

    You can also join Shivaji Bhonsale's army and meet its chief intelligence officer, Bahirji Naik, a tribal warrior who was chosen to lead by Shivaji himself. Bahirji Naik, the master of disguises had managed to silently sink into the pages of history, but traces of his genius can be seen in the way the Adil Shahi Empire was bought down by 300 odd men. Don't miss his historic story.

    Moving on from the men in power to the women of valor, witness the courage and determination of the women who fought for the country. Though much is known about Bhagat Singh, Durga Bhabhi's role in the freedom struggle cannot be overlooked. A revolutionary spy and one of the core members of the HSRA, Durga was actively involved in planning and executing several of the HSRA's activities. Adrishya tells the story of her exceptional life.

    Also bear witness to the events of India's first war of Independence in 1857 against the British and meet Azeez-Un-Nisa - the courtesan spy. Enraged by her deteriorating circumstances, Azeez-Un-Nisa fought alongside the rebels and used her proximity to the British officers to gather information to overthrow the British power.

    Finally, step into the shoes of Sufi princess and WW2 spy, Noor Inayat Khan. Guided by her convictions, Noor walks into the most dangerous post in all of Paris - that of the sole link between the rebel groups of France and their support system in England. Running an entire circuit all by herself, the Sufi princess, a misfit in the army and a most unlikely secret agent grows into one of the bravest SOE members.



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