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    Default Sony TV's KD Pathak's race against time!

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    Adaalat a law based series will feature an interesting case which will be about bomb scare and the people in the courtroom are kept as hostages.

    Sony Entertainment Television's courtroom drama is back with yet another challenging case. In the upcoming episode a man named Abhinav Satpute, gets a bomb into the court and keeps the people in the courtroom as hostage.

    The nick of time KD Pathak arrives in the court and stops Abhinav from activating the bomb. Abhinav reveals that he is innocent is under the trap of corrupt people from his office who are sitting in the court have framed him and he wants to kill everybody.

    When KD tries to calm him down but Abhinav starts firing. He loses his mind and to control it commandoes arrive breaking the door. Amidst the whole action, Abhinav takes out his gun and holds PP at gun point. The commandos and KD are helpless as Abhinav in a fit of rage has activated the bomb. However KD finds that instead of two mins he has set it for 2hrs, Abhinav gives the threating that he will blast the bomb and not stop the timer and everyone will the lives of the innocent people is in the hands of KD Pathak.

    What will he do? Save the people and diffuse the bomb? How will he win this race against time?



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