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    Default Case of a sleepwalking murderer to unfold on Sony TVís Adaalat

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    The thrilling court room drama Adaalat (Contiloe Entertainment) on Sony Entertainment Television has been presenting some impressive episodes every week. In the coming episode, the show will present a tale of a man who would sleepwalk through night and will then suddenly find himself embroiled in a controversial murder case.

    The man Sanjay who will have a sleepwalking disorder will kill one of his close friends and get arrested red handed. But he will cry innocence and inform the police that he had indeed been dreaming about the murder but he has no hand in the killing.

    The desperate Sanjay will ask KD Pathak (Ronit Roy) to take up his case. KD who will agree to it will be shocked to find out that the man will be further accused of killing his two other friends brutally a fortnight ago.

    The psychiatrist will also clarify that Sanjay is suffering from homicidal sleepwalking /automatism. For the first time, KD will be left wondering if he has taken up a wrong case because he too would feel that Sanjay is at fault with all evidences against him.

    But soon a twist will come when KD will find out that Sanjayís doctor, DR Ravish has some unfinished business with him and with being an expert with hypnotism KD will feel that the murders are being planned by him.

    Will KD be able to save Sanjay? Is Dr Ravish really at fault?

    Watch the upcoming episodes.



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