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    Default Ronit turned Romit into a vegan

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    Ronit (Roy) and Romit (Raj) have become great pals since they started working together in Sony Entertainment Television’s Adaalat . When Romit came in the house of Telly media as a guest editor, he shared that he enjoys being on the set of the show as he gets time to talk and spend time with Ronit.

    “I learn a lot from him. He guides me a lot. Actually, Ronit da told me to turn into a vegetarian,” shared Romit.

    The actor said that he was a hardcore non-vegetarian and sometimes, ate chicken biryani even on days when he was supposed to fast.

    “I am by nature a bit spiritual. I don’t drink or smoke but used to have non-veg food. So, dada told me to turn into a vegetarian and then enjoy the difference. So I decided to take his advice and stopped eating any kind of non-veg product.”

    Romit further shared that initially it was quite difficult for him to bear the cravings but then it all came down to the issue of being committed and focused.

    “I took it as a challenge and it has been over a month since I have turned into a veggie. And I feel great from within,” he ended.



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