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    Default Kuldeep Lulla roped in Adaalat

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    Soon another interesting episode of Adalaat will gear up based on Medicine side effect.

    Contiloe's Adaalat on Sony TV has always tried to keep its audience engaged by bringing in appealing cases on their show. This week KD will get involve in another interesting and complicated case.

    This week Kuldeep Lulla has been roped in for the upcoming episode and will essay the role of Dr. Hemant Naidu.

    On what the episode will be based on?

    The story will start where a house wife is unhappy with her personal life and so she has taken a prescription of Anti Depression medicines from Dr. Hemant Naidu. While Malini will be at home with her husband, she will try to stab him with a knife leaving him to die. Later she will claim that she had done this act in an unconscious state which is a side effect of her anti-depressant drug.

    KD will get involved in the case and gets on to unfold the entire racket of the harmful untested drugs which has not yet been launched. Amidst the investigation, KD's life will be threatened too. But eventually KD will succeed to prove Malini innocent and Dr. Hemant will be accused.

    Later KD will realize that the truth is something else which he failed to notice. Ultimately he will solve the mystery and will get to know that Malini is the real culprit and she willingly attempted to kill her husband and manipulate the court.

    Enjoy the upcoming episode of Adaalat!



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