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    Default A case of killer bird in Sony TV's Adaalat

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    The popular court room drama based show Adaalat (Contiloe Entertainment) on Sony Entertainment Television has been entertaining viewers with some mind blowing cases in its every episode.

    And this week the show will bring the story of a man named Sarjerao who will get accused of the murder of his fiancé through a bird named Sultan (Raven) that was his pet. Sarjerao could talk to birds and his favorite pet would be Sultan.

    With the case coming to KD Pathak (Ronit Roy) he will find out that Sarjerao’s fiancé had broken up with him recently. The police will file a case against him and the lawyers would blame the murder as a ‘crime of passion’.

    However Sarjerao will insist that birds can't be trained to kill and thus it was impossible for him to have trained Sultan to do. To everyone's shock, the bird will also be killed soon afterwards by poisoning.

    How will KD get to the bottom of the mystery? Was Sultan really trained to kill?

    We tried calling Ronit but he was unavailable.

    Catch the episode this week on the show.



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