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    Default KD Pathak to fight two unusual cases in Sony TV's Adaalat

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    Law based series Adaalat to feature mysterious murder case which will be solved by the intelligent KD Pathak.

    Sony Entertainment Television's courtroom drama is back with yet another thrilling series of episodes. The first episode is going to focus on a viciously attack on Ajay who was killed by a monstrous 'fog' in an isolated road,while walking back home with his brothers Sushant and Rajesh. Differences over father's will leads to a fist fight between Ajay and Sushant,while Rajesh was exchanging candid talks with his girlfriend on phone,watching them from a distance. Suddenly, a mystery fog envelops both the brothers. Amid all the confusion Sushant witness a monster strangling his brother Ajay to death. He valiantly tries to save him, however, it appears to the youngest brother as if he was trying to kill Ajay! As KD unravels mystery, what he finds leaves him shocked. He manages to untangle this complex case anoutsmarts the real killer by bringing him to the limelight!

    The other episode will revolve around a ramp show of the famous designer Shruti Behl, brought to an abrupt halt with a scream which comes from the backstage! KD , one of the guests of the show runs to the green room to see what actually happened. The show stopper, famed model Nethra is lying drenched in blood ,motionless and near to her is standing her rival Neelakshi holding a scissors with blood dripping down.Not only is Neelakshi pleading innocence from KD but also tells him the petrifying story of her struggle with a room filled with moths right before the incident,which intrigues him and he suspects of a game plan. Neelakshi reveals of paranormal happening taking place ever since she has moved to her residence, Queen Villa in Versova,flat no 704, which happens to scare everyone who comes to know about this flat,from the house maid to security guard of the building!

    How an observant eye of KD does succeeds in unpeeling the layers of the murder mystery in few minutes before the final verdict?

    From where did the fleet of mysterious moths entered the green room or is it just an excuse to a foul play of ramp rivalry!

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    Smile Not that interesting.

    The show started off with great promise. Now its easy to predict who did what and the cases are too easy. No mystery left. Some part of the mystery should be left to the viewer's imagination.



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