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    Default 'I hope to play a college student even at 42'- Romit Raj

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    We in talks with Romit Raj who plays Varun, the perfect disciple of lawyer K.D.Pathak on Sony TVís Adaalat

    How is Varun's role different from your previous roles?
    I love doing daily soaps and have acted in more than 2000 episodes in them. I have played lead characters in soaps. In Adaalat I had to play a side character instead of the hero and that too of a learner. I am the assistant of K.D.Pathak on Adaalat and am constantly learning from him. I gladly accepted this role and am very happy playing it.

    Can you identify with him?
    Yes as I am a learner like Varun.

    What is the most important thing Varun has learnt from K.D.Pathak?
    Varun has learnt always to be on the side of the truth. Truth always wins.

    What if Varun has his own private practice and becomes K.D.Pathak's opposition lawyer?
    That isn't possible as Varun isn't as qualified as K.D.Pathak. If K.D.Pathak is Batman, Varun is Robin. Or if K.D.Pathak is Ram, Varun is Lakshman.

    Have you watched foreign law shows? How would you compare them to Adaalat?
    Foreign law shows have a different budget and sensibility. I have watched Suits. Indian court room dramas may take some things from these shows but the delineation will always be Indian. Actually it is pointless in comparing Indian and foreign legal shows. I think Adaalat has changed the bars of Indian television. This show has even ventured into outer space. It would be nice if we had seasons though.

    How is a real courtroom different from that of Adaalat?
    In Adaalat all the cases get solved. In reality many cases prolong for 10 to 20 years. Our judiciary system should have new laws with no loopholes whatsoever. We should have strict laws which will deter people from committing crimes. This will make India the safest country in the world.

    You became a father in April. How is your daughter doing?
    When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I want to do is take a good look at my daughter Reha. I like to watch her expressions and how she reacts. Before she was born I would think mostly of myself, now I think mainly of her.

    You look very young. You don't look 32. Please comment.
    My wife says that I am 22 and that I should always look that way. People lie that they are younger when they actually look older. I am very candid about my real age. I thank my parents and God for my youthful looks. I have learnt Vipassana and meditate regularly to keep fit. I hope to play a college student even at 42.



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