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    Default "I don't stress myself; I stay calm": Romit Raj

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    Fitness freak Romit Raj shares his fitness mantra with us…

    Romit Raj who plays Varun in Sony TV's Adaalat practices Vipassana every day and meditates for an hour regularly. The fit actor also goes to gym every day to stay fit.
    Let's see what Romit has to share with us...
    What does fitness mean to you? What's your idea about fitness?

    It's a lifestyle to me; it is very important to keep your mind and body fit.My idea of fitness is to be in good shape, work hard for 12 hours andnot get tired. I have a flexible body and yes if you are fit you havea good sex life too.

    What efforts do you take to stay in shape?

    I work out every day for an hour at the gym, I meditate for an hour andpractice vipassana and I also run at the beach three times a week.

    Are you conscious about your food choices?

    I eat everything, fried, non-fried, steamed food, baked dishes and Iburn it all out. I am a complete foodie.

    Three things you do every day to remain fit.

    I go to gym every day, meditate and take the stairs.

    What is your take about proteins and supplement intake among guysthese days?

    I feel protein supplements are safe and you should consume them aftera workout, but I am against steroids and the way aspiring actorsconsume them.

    Is there any sport you are skilled at?

    I was the captain of my school cricket, football and rugby team as Iwas a sports person. I love sports.

    A celeb body you admire.

    I really like Akshay Kumar's fitness as he is filled with energy. Hehas practiced martial arts for years and I admire him for it. He still looksfresh and is super young on screen.

    What is your fitness secret?

    I don't stress myself, I am happy to see others success and I am atpeace with myself. I stay calm.

    A fitness tip for your fans.

    Fans, I am a small town boy with no godfather in the industry, pleasedon't take steroids just to get quick results, there are no shortcutsin life, work hard and eat healthy.



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