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    Default "We will decorate a bucket and do the visarjan." - Romit Raj

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    TV actor Romit Raj is very excited to bring Lord Ganesha at their home for the first time.

    With great devotion and enthusiasm we welcome our beloved Lord Ganesha. As today we celebrate one of the most cherished and cheerful festival, our TV actors are also ready to welcome Bappa at their home.

    Well, the actor who will be bringing Bappa home for the very first time is Romit Raj. Romit is currently seen in Sony TV's popular show Adaalat as Varun Zaveri. Romit and his family is very excited about the much loved festival and bringing the Idol home.

    We got in touch with the actor to know more about the preparation.

    Romit said, "My family and I are super excited as we are bringing Ganpati Bappa for the first time. I pray Ganpati every day, actually my wife thought of bringing Ganpatiji at home four years back but as in our country more than worshiping and devoting time for God people fear for God. Earlier our friends did scare us and told us that it is not easy to bring the idol at home as you have to follow many rituals. So that is the reason we didnít bring Ganpati at home but we visit for darshan at my friends place every year."

    Sounding excited for the preparations for the festival, Romit says, "This year we decided to bring Ganpati this year and I was very ecstatic to bring the idol at my place. We are very happy, excited and we started the preparations prior a month. Every day we used to bring small things to decorate, we tried to find things on the net to decorate, we went to get the flowers for decoration, and we bought clothes and jewelry of Ganesha."

    Having learnt a unique immersion way from his good friend, Romit says he too believes in bringing eco friendly Ganpati, ďWe are bringing Eco-friendly Ganpati and will do visarjan at home itself. I saw this unique immersion at my friend Manish Paulís place who does visarjan at home itself. We are bringing Ganpati which is made up of terracotta clay from a person who is famous for making eco-friendly Ganpati idol."

    Speaking about the mouthwatering delicacy Romit avers, "We have ordered Modak which is made of chocolate but will be in molded in Modak's shape as my two year old daughter who calls Ganpati as Ganpatamaa is very excited to meet Ganpatiji and eat Chocolate Modak."

    "We are keeping Ganpatiji for one and a half day and will do visarjan at home as I said before. We will decorate a bucket and will do visarjan. The clay will melt in four to five hours and then we will pour that water in plants. My wife Tina will go in the evening to bring the Idol as I am busy shooting for the show. After my pack up I will join her and together we will invite Bappa at our home,Ē he concludes talking about the immersion in a unique way.

    We wishes that Bappa keep on showering his blessing on you and on your entire family Romit!



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