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    Default Anand Goradia to enter Adaalat

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    Anand will make his entry tonight and will be playing an overconfident lawyer...

    Sony TV's Adaalat has always brought in cases that are gripping and entertaining with KD Pathak (Ronit Bose Roy) fighting it vigilantly. And likewise in tonight's episode as well, we will see a twist in the tale with the entry of a new lawyer.

    A source says, "Promos are already on air that shows that KD Pathak has been kidnapped and Dawa has been accused of a murder case. To prove him guilty popular actor Anand Goradia will make his entry as IM Jaiswal to fight against him. He will be portrayed as an overconfident lawyer trying his best to prove himself better than KD."

    The source further adds, "The suspense lies in the fact that how KD escapes the trap and reaches the court to prove Dawa innocent."

    We contacted Anand Goradia and he confirmed his presence saying, "Yes I am playing the character of I M Jaiswal in Adaalat. I am being called to fight the case wherein KD is presently absent."

    Anand Goradia has already started shooting and the episode will be aired tonight.

    We hope this innovative suspense tale keeps the viewers at the edge of their seats!



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