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    Default 5 Reasons To Watch Adaalat

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    As one of the most popular shows on the small screen right now, Adaalat is having a dream run on TV. With its well-etched out characters and thrilling courtroom drama, it's a show everybody must watch. If you're still not convinced, here are five reasons to enjoy this Sony TV on:

    Ronit Roy, the Big B of TV:
    As the witty and chilled-out lawyer KD Pathak, Roy is at his absolute best on this show. His acting prowess is well known, but his stunning debating capabilities come to the fore with this courtroom drama. He is a true screen-stealer, who can make even the most mundane of episodes an exciting one. You can safely give this show a chance, because Roy is playing an ace lawyer who gives criminals sleepless nights and tension-filled days! Reason enough to watch, eh?

    Tight courtroom drama:
    If you've read Perry Mason or John Grisham, you know how thrilling a courtroom drama with many twists and turns can be. Now, add a bit of desi tadka and a tight plot to the scene and you have a kickass show that will keep you hooked on. Even the most unimaginable crimes are solved with amazing elegance and panache, thanks to Pathak's skills. If saas-bahu sagas turn you off, this is an ideal show to watch to unwind after a long day at work. Get your grey cells working so you can solve cases before Pathak and his team does...

    Relatable characters:
    Unlike other shows, the characters are relatable, everyday and something you have seen or heard in real life. What's more, the episodes can be watched with the entire family, making it an ideal show to sit down to dinner. While daily soaps have over-the-top and highly made-up characters, Adaalat focuses on real people and their issues. In a way, it also teaches youngsters the many intricacies of law and order so one is not bullied by cops or higher authorities in real life.

    Direction and production:
    Even the most interesting of shows can fall flat if the direction is laid-back. But this drama has nothing to worry about in that department as the direction is crisp, fast-paced and to-the-point. It doesn't endlessly drag the concept or over dramatise the scenes...well, thank god for that! The production design is equally good and believable. It lends authenticity and a rustic feel to the whole show.

    Interesting cases solved in unique ways:
    K D Pathak has a knack for solving cases where he untangles mysteries and brings the real killer to justice. From complex murder mysteries to baffling disappearances, Pathak has managed to always deliver. It not only makes for an interesting watch, but also help us understand the psyche of a criminal. With an eye for detail and an appetite for the unusual, KD serves us all a masaledar dish every time he is on TV!

    What is your reason for watching this show? Do let us know in the comment section below...



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