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    Default Thakurs son to go missing in Aastha... Atoot Vishwas Ki Kahani

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    Thakur will end up into a physical fight with the cops on knowing they are a team with Rajaji

    The on-going episodes of Sahara One's Aastha...atoot vishwas ki kahani now plans an interesting turn where Rajaji (Anwar Fatehan) and Thakur(Pooran Kiri) will pit against one another in order to restore education in Devipur.

    While we saw how Thakur failed to convince the people of Devipur to get Aastha educated, he made arrangements for her to go to school without the knowledge of anyone.

    In the upcoming episodes of the show, we will see how the villagers will come to know about her getting educated and will rebel against the system of educating girls. In the meanwhile, Thakur's son will go missing from school and while he will wonder who the person is behind the kidnap, he will call the police to help him locate his son.

    Things will have a major turn-around when the police will refuse to cooperate and blame Thakur irresponsible and careless in his parenting. This is when he (Thakur) will discover that the police too has teamed up with the vicious Rajaji and will indulge into a fist fight with the cops.

    Will Thakur loose his son in the bargain of getting Aastha educated?

    We contacted Pooran Kiri who stated, "There are some interesting turns coming up but I do not know if I can reveal anything about the storyline. I wold just like to say that when evil forces seem too mighty to take on, and courage begins to run out, God himself intervenes to saves the day. So, let's wait and watch when and how that happens."



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