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    Default Sahara One to air new show, Aastha...atoot vishwas ki kahani

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    The Hindu shastras call this age, the age of Kalyug; an era where evil prevails over good and humanity seems to have lost all moral values & spirituality. Starting Monday, 2 February, Aastha…atoot vishwas ki kahani, from the Sahara One stable will embark on a journey of the restitution of goodwill. Aastha…atoot vishwas ki kahani depicts the story of indestructible faith and devotion of Yashodha who is a firm believer and follower of Santoshi Mata. She believes that Mata has bestowed blessings on her in form of her little daughter, Aastha.

    Aastha’s life is destined by spiritual and divine powers to fight the evil and spread eternal bliss in the nowhere going era of Kalyug. The evil force is symbolized by, Rajaji the self-proclaimed God of Devipur who believes that he should be worshipped by everyone. He manipulates the innocent villagers of Devipur in several ways for his own benefits. He seizes their lands and is involved in heinous activities of child labour by forcing their children to work in his factory in inhumane conditions.

    Aastha…atoot vishwas ki kahani is the journey of Yashodha and Aastha, who with their faith and devotion are determined to stand-up against the evil atrocities and the evil doings of Rajaji and restore peace in Devipur. The journey of Aastha in the enlightened path of Mata will go on forever and ever, even though she has to take another birth.

    Says Shivaani Js, Business Head, Sahara One Television, “In today’s times of inhumanity, we often wonder where god has gone. The story of Aastha…atoot vishwas ki kahani shows us how god is there in each one of us. If we have faith then god and god’s love will become apparent to us. Aastha…atoot vishwas ki kahani is as much about Santoshi Mata who lives in our hearts and always shows us the righteous path, as about Yashodha and Aastha who adore Mata and follow her path righteously, even in these days of Kalyug. It is our endeavor, in our own small way, to rekindle faith in god and re-learn what we have always known – that no harm will come to those who follow the path of god, the path of right. A show like Aastha…atoot vishwas ki kahani that brings us the teachings of our scriptures tailored to our current social scenario, is very important and relevant in today’s times.”

    Aastha…atoot vishwas ki kahani is produced by Mustang Films, and the star cast includes actors like Anwar Fatehan, Puran Kiree, Manju Sharma, Dimple Bagroy, Kunal Singh Rajput and Goonj Chand.



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