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    Default Aroonaji is a big fan of Shreekhand prepared by me: Kartik Soni

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    Kartik Soni aka Dilip of Colors’ Sanskaar - Dharohar Apnon Ki is a great cook and he shares about his cooking skills with us…

    Many of us don't know that Kartik Soni, who plays Dilip in Colors Sanskaar - Dharohar Apnon Ki holds a very good culinary skills. The young actor spreads this happiness amongst his co-stars as well as some or the other day he takes different kinds of dishes along with him on the sets that are cooked by him.
    When contacted Kartik to know more about his cooking skills, he told us, "I am cooking since I was in class 6th. My Mom and Dad are doctors so they used to be busy with their work and sometimes I have to stay alone at home. I used to not like the food cooked by maid so I just started experimenting with the food to make it better to eat. I used to watch Sanjeev Kapoor's show and learn cooking from there. I used to cook Paneer and Pulav during my college days and I have gained expertise in cooking Mughlai now. I am a vegetarian but I also know how to cook non-vegetarian dishes. I know cooking Biryani, Chops, Murg Musallam, etc."

    Kartik loves to treat his co-stars on the sets with the dishes cooked by him. Talking on the same, he said, "I daily take something along with me for my co-stars. Aroonaji is a big fan of Shreekhand prepared by me and she always asks me to bring Shreekhand for her. I take different kinds of dishes like Kadhi, Kheer, Sambhar, paan shots, etc. Whenever someone demands me to bring a particular dish for them, I wake up little early according to my shifts timing and then I prepare the dish and take it along with me. I even know to prepare Litti Chokha."

    "I am a big foodie and sometimes I also ask my Mom to take a 3 months cooking class from me by paying me (laughs). I wished that there was a Junior Master Chef at the time when I was young and would learn how to cook. I could have participated in it and have won it. I was even planning to take part in Master Chef India 2 but that couldn't happen because Sanskaar begun then. I will take part in the upcoming season of Master Chef. I am looking forward to start my own restaurant in Mumbai or in Chennai where people have craze for North Indian food but cant find it" concludes Kartik.

    We wish your dream to come true soon, Kartik!



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