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    Finallyyyyyy, 2DWrestling HAS COME BACK to DesiRulez!

    This is not a test! 2DWrestling is back with a new side series, the Stone Cold Show! These are MUCH easier for me to create than full on wrestling matches like I was doing in the past, however, I fully plan on releasing full on episodes of 2DWar again in the near future. Things have been crazy in my life. I just moved 1,500 miles away from home, making a long haul from MA to FL. It has been incredibly difficult these past months to sit down and do anything at all on my computer, I literally am sitting down and working on things again for the first time in months and it feels great! While I'm working on the big picture of 2DWrestling like full on matches, interviews, rivalries, ect.. I decided that the channel needs something. That something is the Stone Cold Show. I'm tired of keeping all my fans in the dark so hopefully THIS will hold us over until Jim Sauce and Michael Troll are ready to sit down and call the action inside the squared circle once again. To keep this alive, I ask you all to keep sharing 2DWrestling videos on Facebook and Twitter to help spread the word and bring this to the next level. I will be making some big announcements concerning the future of 2DWrestling in the coming weeks. Thank you all for your support and HUGE thank you to DesiRulez for keeping this section of the forums up and running. I hope together we can make 2DWrestling a phenomenon that will last for years and years to come.


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    Good to see you and 2DWrestling back! Really looking forward to the new stuff!

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    Very funny!

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    Default thanks




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