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    Release Date
    August 21, 2009


    Suspense / Thriller

    Shooting Studios

    Naseer Khan
    Shamshad Alam

    Rohit Nayyar

    Star Cast
    Naseer Khan...... Arjun Sherawat (a sharp shooter)/Raju (a car mechanic)
    Milind Soman...... Rahul Kapoor (a reporter)
    Sonali Kulkarni...... Sanjana Rajpoot (a cop)
    Hri****a Bhatt...... Sheetal Pradhan (reporter)
    Sameer Aftab...... Abhishek (P.A. of Home Minister)
    Sonia Mehra...... Priya (daughter of Home Minister)
    Sachin Khedekar...... Shiv Shankar (Home minister)
    Ehsaan Khan...... Naushad Lari (a garage owner)
    Mushtaq Khan...... Habeeb Faisal (a builder)
    Vishwajeet Pradhan...... M.C. Rajpoot (a Police commissioner)
    Aditya Lakhia...... Tillu (A car mechanic)

    The police have not been able to crack a serial murder case. Arjun Sherawat [N***er Khan] is a man who is unseen and is the criminal. No one knows his identity. This case has been granted to Sanjana [Sonali Kulkarni], a police officer. She has been trying too hard, but all her efforts have been in vain.

    Sheetal [Hri****aa Bhatt] is a press reporter who loves her profession to the core. She works with a news channel and has information about the case as she follows it very closely. Rahul [Milind Soman], a press reporter from another news channel, has also been following the case step by step. He constantly keeps nagging Sanjana about the case by questioning her from time to time.

    Murders are still being committed at short intervals. Meanwhile, Sheetal p***es a crucial information to police about the next target of Arjun Sherawat. But Arjun Sherawat meets with an accident and is presumed dead. Everyone is in a joyous mood until they hear Arjun Sherawat's latest audio clip, which states that he will kidnap a famous builder Habeeb Faizal [Mushtaq Khan] in front of the police on a given date.

    Everyone is stunned on hearing this. Meanwhile, Arjun Sherawat succeeds in kidnapping Habeeb Faizal. What happens next?

    In an effort to showcase the heroic abilities of N***er Khan, the writers throw logic out of the window while writing the scenes. The film holds your attention in the initial reels, but goes haywire in the second half. The romantic track between N***er and Sonali is the weakest link in the narrative. So is the climax, which just doesn't work.

    At the same time, the stunts and also a few individualistic sequences are deftly executed. Plus, the musical score [Anand Raaj Anand] is the type that caters to the m***es and fits well for this genre. Rohit Nayyar's shot compositions are perfect. Plus, technically speaking, it's a polished job. However, the writing lets him down at places. Cinematography is good. The stunts deserve special mention.

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