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    Default Jimmy (2009) *DVD-Rip* WATCH ONLINE

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    In the dead of the night| a young woman's dead body is recovered by the police. All leads point to Jimmy. A mechanical engineer by day and a dancing sensation by night| Jimmy works as a DJ in the local discotheque to pay off the debts left behind by his late father. While everybody is shocked| Jimmy owns up to the murder and is sentenced to death Why would a young man on the threshold of life commit such a heinous crime? Only Jimmy knows the truth. In a sudden twist of fate| Jimmy realizes in jail that he has been drawn in to a vicious conspiracy. But it is too late...or is it? What follows is a spine-chilling suspense drama that unfolds in this fast-paced saga of crime| deceit and murder.


    I trust cigratte more than a girl.
    It will damage my lungs but will never break my heart ;-)



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