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    Default The Serial is just what 'the doctor ordered' for Priya Wal

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    Priya Wal has now got back to television after Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani as the lead of Channel [V]’s The Serial, produced by A Lost Boy Productions and Balaji Telefilms. So what kept Priya away from television after Pyaar Kii?

    Well, we had a chat with Priya when we got to know that the girl was plagued by certain health issues that forced her to be away from the limelight.

    Priya explained, “I was very unwell for quite some time after Pyaar Kii.. I could not reason out what the problem was, but I used to get panic attacks, used to have a disoriented feeling, and started to put on weight. That was when I was diagnosed to be having hypoglycaemia (low levels of blood sugar). My doctor advised me to take maximum rest as possible, and give my body the needed time to get back in shape by leading a stress-free life. It was my conscious decision to stay away from television till the time I felt better in health. In fact, I had signed a show post Pyaar Kii, which I had to give up due to my health concern.”

    Talking about the road to recovery, Priya told us, “This was the time when I got back to the sport I loved, that is tennis. I started playing the game after eight long years. I travelled a lot and enjoyed life to the fullest. I started doing Bharat Thakur’s artistic Yoga and it helped me a lot. After I got better, I decided to take up something which is not that stressful. And The Serial was just what the doctor ordered. I have always liked the Channel [V] kind of presentations, and I am excited about it.”

    Here’s wishing Priya all the very best for her Channel [V] show.



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