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    Default I was looking forward to shoot with Raj (Singh Arora) and now I am doing so in The Serial: Pooja Gor

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    Pooja Gor, who is currently seen playing herself in Channel Vís The Serial, is very happy to be a part of the show because, with this project, a lot of things which she wished for while she was a part of Star Plusí Pratigya, are coming true.

    Read on to know how?

    ďI donít have to shoot 24x7 with no leaves at all. I can just shoot for 15 days and get back home. Moreover, now I get to sleep for 15 to 16 hours at a stretch, something that wasnít possible then,Ē says the actress.

    She always wished to be on-screen with her boyfriend Raj Singh Arora and finally, with this show, gets his company as she tells us, ďI had been looking forward to shoot with him and now I am getting to do that,Ē she quips.

    When asked if people ask her questions about the show being inspired from her real life, she answers, ďYes, a lot of industry insiders keep questioning me if the on-screen story is really inspired from my life. In reply, I do tell them that though itís inspired and we play ourselves, thatís not exactly that happens in our real lives. I handle the question carefully.Ē

    Isnít there a fear of her image being tanned because of something that people believe is real? ďI am pretty happy with the way my character is being portrayed in the show. Itís completely justified. So, I do not have any issues,Ē Pooja maintains.

    Talking about working with friends in this show, she observes, ďItís more like hanging out more than shooting. We go on the sets and start gossiping or pulling each otherís legs. Basically, itís lots of fun.Ē



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