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    Default Kritika Kamra clarifies her stand on 'The Serial' on social networking

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    Earlier in the day, we reported about Ekta Kapoor vowing not to ever work with Harshad Chopda and Additi Gupta because of some troublesome fans.

    It is not only Ekta alone. Now we have learnt that Kritika Kamra is also being troubled by fan mails and messages, so much so that the actress had to put up a Facebook and a Twitter status clarifying things.

    Well we are sure that you’re wondering what we are talking about. So, let us tell you that fans of Kritka and Karan Kundra have been bogging her with mails on the basis of whatever is being telecast on Channel V show The Serial. Arguably, the actress wanted to make it clear to one through her status on social networking sites that she had never been a part of the show neither is it based on her real life.

    The actress uploaded her message on the sites some hours ago. Here first status read … I'm clarifying yet again. I'm not a part of The serial. U r not gonna see anything more than d same 4 shots, my body double and fake voice. (sic)

    After a pause, she wrote…. May be it doesn't matter.. But somehow it does to me... What do think after watching "The Serial"? That I'm a cold hearted person who ditched a guy and left him crying over me?? I won't be surprised coz this is the general reaction...because u all THINK this is reality and based on the shots where I'm only screaming and running away and references where it's made to believe that I'm avoiding the situation, that i dont care; has got me in a spot where I'm being hated and accused... Did I really deserve this? Or is it a price to pay for not doing the show and clarifying my stand on a personal issue on a national platform? Am I expected to not get bothered by fan reactions??but wait.. Isnt the show made for these very people, fans? Did we need to do this at all wen we claim to have gotten mature and forgiving? Is actually everything allowed in love and war? And wat is this...only love? Or some kind of a war that we r caught in? Either ways, No matter how much anyone justifies, to me it IS negative... This Tamasha leaves me with nothing but a bitter aftertaste. (sic)

    Well, to understand her tweets nicely, we go in touch with her. She said, “It’s nothing personal against Karan or Vikas (Gupta – producer of The Serial) as we are friends. But, I wanted to clarify that I was never a part of this show and I have clarified this in my interviews. I haven’t even done a cameo in it.

    “In fact, I had shot for the mock shoot of this show and that footage was used in The Serial. And it was only after the mock shoot, that I decided not to share my personal life on-screen. But since, Karan and Vikas are my friends, I trusted them with my footage but it was used.”

    Ask her, as to why she backed out of the show after the mock shoot, to which she replied, “I never wanted to come out with my side of the story (Karan and Kritika affair and break-up story) and I never will. And, it needs to be clarified that it is a fiction show and not one based on reality.”

    However, when we spoke to Vikas, he observed, “She was just doing a cameo in the show and yes, we did dub her voice but we did not use a body double. And even the dubbing was done with her permission. She is a friend and we care about her.”

    Karan on the other hand said, “She is family for me and I will always be there to support her and wouldn’t want to comment on anything.”

    Well, looks like these friends don’t have an issue with each other. But Kritika definitely has an issue with the way things have worked against her intentionally or not.

    We just hope her FB status helps her clarify everything.



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