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    Default Early to bed and early to rise, makes Karan Kundra healthy, wealthy and wise

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    If you live in Malad (Mumbai) and see TV heartthrob Karan Kundra on the streets jogging at 7am, don’t be surprised for this dapper looking dude has decided to change his lifestyle.

    Since last Sunday, he has been getting up pretty early in the morning. He confirmed the same by way of his reply to the tweet of Nivedita Basu, ex Balaji senior creative head saying, “I'm following u! Waking up at 6 thes days hahah yay”!

    Having read the tweet, we contacted Karan and asked him about this new good habit that he has developed. And this is what he said, “Yaar, it's good to wake up on time. I usually sleep by 12 or1 pm for we are currently shooting for The Serial (Channel V).”

    “But I've always known that it’s unhealthy to sleep all day and remain awake all night like an owl. Hence, I have decided to turn my life around. Sleep early and wake up early. I would also end up having missed so many calls and meetings for my past habit.”

    However Karan isn’t sure as to how long will this trend last. “Woh to pata nai (laughs). But koshish karunga.”(I don’t know but will keep trying),” he ended.

    Way to go…Karan!!!



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