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    Default Turning point in store in Channel V's The Buddy Project

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    We had earlier reported that viewers would witness a unique silent episode on Channel Vís The Buddy Project (Sunshine Productions).

    The above episode will air on Monday (8 April 2013). Now in the coming episodes, after the ruckus in pin drop silence is over, all the characters will go through a turning point. Our source informed that especially the characters K D (Fahad Ali) and R V (Kunal Jaisingh) of the Imperial College of Communications will go through a sea change. With the conclusion of the silent episode their individual stories will begin.

    Fahad is excitedly looking forward to the silent episode and the turning point. He said, ďThis is the first time that I am doing a silent episode.Ē

    Anirudh Jaitley (Manav Gohil) who was the teacher of Royal Academy visits their college and is deeply grieved to see the boys fighting. There are two groups headed by K D and R V who are at war.

    Producer Sudhir Sharma informed us, ďIt was indeed a challenge to shoot the silent episode. Generally, you associate silent episodes with slap stick comedy and you expect to see animated reactions. In our show which isnít a comedy you will see just the reverse of what you expect to see on silent comedy shows. There will be a fist fight between the two male leads K D and R V.Ē

    Certain issues will be resolved but the fights will carry on for approximately another month. For more updates on this show do keep watching this space.



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