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    Default A silent episode on The Buddy Project in offing!

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    When you hear of a silent film or a TV episode, you may immediately jump to the conclusion that its of a genre (comedy) brought in by the late Charlie Chaplin.

    However, how many of you can actually visualise a silent episode in a non-comedy format?

    Our source informs us that an upcoming episode of Channel Vs The Buddy Project (Sunshine Productions) will be a silent episode.

    In our eagerness to get into the details, we called Anand Sivakumaran who has conceptualised the show and written the screenplay and story too.

    After the earlier episode that will end on a dramatic note, viewers will be expecting to watch a similar episode. However, they will be offered an episode sans any dialogues. It will just have music and sound effects. This is indeed a challenge to both the actors and directors.

    The actors have to express their emotions through facial gestures and actions. From the directorial point of view, they need to convey the message through the sound effects and shots. This has never been seen in a non-comedy Indian serial before. A silent episode within a talkie show is only something that has been done on the American show Buffy- the Vampire Slayer, he reveals.

    When we contacted producer Sudhir Sharma, he told us that this hasnt been finalised as yet. We are still thinking about it. In fact it will take us another three to four days to make up our minds, he informs.

    Seconding Sudhir, Executive Vice President and GM of Channel V Prem Kamath said, No, nothing like that has been announced as yet.

    For more updates on the show keep watching this space.



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