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    Default Season 3 of The Buddy Project gets scrapped; Channel V to air two bi-weekly shows

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    Fans have been giving a mixed response to the news of Channel Vís popular show The Buddy Project coming up with a new and revamped season. The Sunshine Productions show was to bring a completely fresh storyline sans the girls and just the lead boys being retained from season two.

    But here comes a shocker!

    With just a few days to go for its airing (2 May), we have got to know that the season three of the show has been scrapped.

    Yes, you heard it right! There will be no more of KD, Kiya, RV, Panchi, Piddi or Jaitley on your TV screen.

    The show has been ruling hearts of the youth with the tale of a bunch of friends who have grown up together and now with them graduating from college, the characters were supposed to be shown settling down in their individual careers and opting for a new start in their lives.

    We wondered if the decision to axe the show was the channelís call, which is trying out new plots for its various shows, or by the production team who did not want happenings to go mundane in the show. Also with only few characters being retained, the audience seemed not really keen to watch the show anymore.

    When we buzzed producer Sudhir Sharma he said, ďAll I can say is that it is a mutual creative decision between the channel and production team. The Buddy Project has enjoyed a successful run of over 400 episodes and been number one on the channel for a long time. We at Sunshine Productions are very happy and proud to have this association with Channel V. We will soon come up with more fresh and interesting shows.Ē

    With this new development, Channel V will continue with the launch of the other two bi-weekly shows- Jhalli Anjali Ke Tootey Dil Ki Amazing Story and Yeh JawaniÖTa Ra Ri Ri in the 5:30 pm time slot. These shows will go on air from 28 April and 30 April respectively as earlier reported by us. The slot given to The Buddy Project will be covered by repeats of shows as of now till a new show gets sanctioned.

    Prem Kamath, EVP and GM of the channel did not want to comment on the developments.

    It would surely be a hard time for the fans to not be able to watch their favourite show and characters, but we are sure as Sudhir says there will be more interesting shows lined up for all.

    Till then enjoy the two new fresh shows on the channel.



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