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    Default Season 2 of The Buddy Project promises 'double entertainment'

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    Come this Monday (18 March 2013), Channel [V]’s The Buddy Project (Sunshine Productions) will have new look and feel!! With the buddies passing out of school, they enter the college scenario.

    Talking about the changes in the look and feel as well as story line, Producer Sudhir Sharma states, “First of all, we will have three new entries. Manish Nawani essays the role of Avi who happens to be the son of a well-known film star. The guy is very rich and is stylized in nature. New face, Kanika will essay the role of Avantika who is Avi’s sister. Samridh Bawa plays the role of Omi who is also rich, but not as stylish as Avi. Both Avi and Omi will have grey shades to their characters.”

    With regards to the basic plot of the new season, Sudhir avers, “When the buddies enter the new media college, they get into a lot of problems. There are two groups in the college, and how they fit into the new scenario will be an interesting watch. The fights between the two groups will also have an effect on the friendship of the buddies. And the new characters, Omi and Avi will create tension between the buddies. Two to three weeks down the line, Jaitley (Manav Gohil) will make his entry into the college as the new teacher. Since the problems in the college are big, he will employ new whacky and aggressive ways to deal with the problems out there.”

    To give the show a new feel, the production house has erected a new set for the media college. Talking about it, Producer Sudhir Sharma says, “We have worked on very minute details when it comes to placing new gadgets in the college. We will have different posters, a live projector in the class room, electronic boards, various gadgets, and even cameras rolling inside the campus. The basic idea is to give the viewers a taste of a hi-tech college.”

    Describing the broad plot of Season Two of The Buddy Project, Sudhir tells us, “The show will hold on to the ‘United we stand, divided we fall’ tagline. We will now focus on how the friendship of the buddies change in the big bad world when they pass out of school and enter a bigger platform of a college.

    Gear up for a fresh season of the show from 18 March 2013.



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