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    Default Will the school kids allow Jaitley to leave the school in The Buddy Project?

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    As reported earlier by us, Panchi (Palak Jain) has hurt herself in Channel Vís The Buddy Project (Sunshine Productions) and the team has lost the interschool competition. If this is not it, the school children might lose their beloved teacher Anirudh Jaitley (Manav Gohil).

    As seen in the earlier episodes, Jaitley had been trying his best to put the gang of The Buddy Project together. However, saddened by the failure of his school team to win the competition, he will plan to move out of the school.

    Furthermore, Panchiís accident will remind Jaitley about the accident in which he lost his parents after which he left India.

    All these thoughts will push him to walk out of the school. But, this will not be the only reason for him to leave the school.

    A source tells us that Jaitley will feel that he made a big mistake by relying on these kids and even be of the view that they would not change. Apart from that, he also feels bad, learning that principal Ramanujam (Shishir Sharma) is contemplating to resign because of the failure in the competition. In the upcoming episodes, the audience will see the principal resigning.

    On the other hand, vice-principal Banga (Raja Sevak) will take over as the new principal.

    It will be interesting to watch how the kids manage to stop Jaitley from leaving the school and face Banga who hates them to the core.

    When we contacted Manav, he said, ďIt has been disheartening for Jaitely in a lot of ways. Hence, he decides to leave the school though, it is not fair on his part.Ē

    This particular episode will air sometime next week.



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