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    Default Reel life imitates real life in Channel V's The Buddy Project

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    Fiction imitates fact on Channel Vís The Buddy Project (Sunshine Productions). When Manish Nawani who currently plays the role Avijeet in The Buddy Project met Harsh Rajput, who will soon enter as Ishan in Channel Vís Crazy Stupid Ishq (Sphere Origins) at a party two years ago, little did he know that they would meet again and work together in future.

    On 5 June 2013, all the Channel Vís artistes met (for a shoot) at the fun park Imagica which is on Pune Mumbai Highway. This sequence will be telecast on the channel on 28 June 2013.

    Manish and Harsh met all over again in Imagica which overjoyed both of them. Interestingly, both of them will meet in reel life once again in The Buddy Project. Our source revealed to us that on this show Ishan is to meet Avijeet after a gap of two years. Both will be shown as excited to reconnect.

    Manish gushes, ďIt was a pleasure to meet an old friend like Harsh. I thank Channel V for arranging a fun trip where we got to know other actors from other shows on the channel. What I didnít know at that point was that Harsh would be introduced through our show. When the script came along where I meet him after two years on screen, I was excited. It was almost uncanny. I am looking forward to his entry.Ē

    Harsh adds, ďI had met Manish for the very first time at a party in Club Enigma in the J.W.Marriott. We would hang out together and go clubbing regularly. We lost touch when we got busy with our respective careers. Besides, Manish had returned to Delhi for a while. It was great to reconnect with him in real life. What a coincidence that on the show too our reel characters will be having a reunion after two years.Ē

    For more updates on both the shows keep watching this space.



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