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    Default Ranveer’s closeness with Panchi to make Rukmini jealous and angry in Channel V’s The Buddy Project

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    The tale of friendship and love has always been a complicated matter. This will soon be highlighted in The Buddy Project 2 (Sunshine Productions), the very popular Channel V show.

    At a time when the younger lot is trying to adjust with the change in relationship and friendship, lovely couple Rukmini (Sonal Vengulerkar) and Ranveer (Kunal Jaishingh) will hit a speed breaker with the former’s insecurity over Panchi (Palak Jain), Ranveer’s best friend.

    A source informs, “With Panchi taking over Rukmini’s puppet show, the girl will be furious. Even when they all have been friends, Rukmini will not understand and speak harshly with Ranveer.”

    Panchi, who really cares for both Ranveer and Rukmini, will hear the couple’s fight and feel guilty for their relationship crisis. On the other hand, Ranveer will be trying hard to solve the problem by making Rukmini understand that since Panchi is his childhood friend, he feels responsible towards her.

    But the adamant Rukmini will still rake up a fight with Ranveer about his closeness to Panchi. She will also go ahead and ask him to choose between the two, leaving Ranveer all baffled.

    The good girl that Panchi is, we are sure she will decide to move out of Ranveer’s life, but will the latter agree?

    We tried calling Sonal and Kunal, but they remained unavailable for comment.



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