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    Default Raja Sevak to make an exit from Channel V's The Buddy Project

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    Sunshine Productions’ The Buddy Project, on Channel V, is currently going through some interesting twists and turns.

    However, the latest is that the show will soon see the exit of a very important character.

    As per a reliable source, Principal Banga will finally have to walk out of the school. Thus, this will mark actor Raja Sevak’s exit from this youth-based show.

    As seen so far, the students are giving their vivas to enter the board exam for Banga had made it clear that the students failing in the vivas will not get to enter the boards.

    If sources are to be believed, everyone will pass the vivas. This will not go down well with Banga and he will start blabbering things in his room. This is when an examination board member will overhear him about failing the students he does not like.

    Later, this very man will go on to complain about Banga to the trustees who will kick him out of the school.

    Therefore, this will mark the end of Banga’s character in the show.

    When we contacted actor Raja Sevak, who has already shot for his exit, said, “Yes, the story will unfold in a way that I will have to make an exit. However, I have been very fond of Sunshine Productions. So it was a lovely experience working with them.”

    His exit will air sometime next week.



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