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    Default Manav Gohil had a "soft corner" for his chemistry teacher when in school

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    Being Teacher’s Day today, we spoke to Manav Gohil who plays a school teacher in Channel V’s The Buddy Project (Sunshine Productions).

    “Teachers play a very important role in building our character and personality that goes on to play a big role in our future lives,” shared Manav with us.

    So what kind of teachers did you like in your growing up days? “Obviously, I preferred those who would not scream at me or those whom I could pull the wool over. And I did not like real task masters who would yell and mete out stiff punishments,” Manav further pointed out.

    We all have teachers with whom we fall in love with? “Yes, I had also a soft corner for my chemistry teacher in my adolescent days. Recently, I bumped into her and her better half and I opened my heart out to them. Taking my revelation in the right spirit, she joked in front of her husband.”

    On a more serious note, Manav added, “For me, teaching is not just limited to what we learn in school. For that matter, anybody who guides us is our teacher. I regard my Japanese Buddhist mentor Dr Daisaku Ikeda as my biggest teacher for he instructs me on every-day living.”

    We then asked Manav as to what he feels about his eight on-screen students in The Buddy Project? “They are a very good and a fun bunch of kids who are ever ready to learn. They call me Manav sir and I always help them whenever they approach me with any issue,” Manav concluded.



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