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    Default Manav turns Buddy for the kids of NGO Akanksha!

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    Manav Gohil who plays Aniruddh in Channel V’s The Buddy Project shared his experience of meeting the specially talented kids of NGO Akanksha…

    Manav Gohil who plays a pivotal role in Sunshine Productions' The Buddy Project Season 2 - Now in College, recently spent some time with special kids of an NGO Akanksha when they came to the sets of The Buddy Project. It has been a great experience for him and we get to know about it when we spoke to Manav on his experience of meeting these children. The kids watch Manav's show and they all like it too. Being a first experience for them, they found it quite thrilling to meet Manav who supports the cause of Humanitarianism.

    Talking about his experience of spending time with the kids from Akanksha, Manav said, "This is not the first time I have met them. I have been to their centre in Khar before where they have an annual ceremony and I had given a speech on women empowerment. I feel that it's a completely misunderstood concept where the child has to do the schooling but in Akanksha they inculcate a lot of values and understanding towards life. Whenever I have met the kids, I have felt that there is a hunger in them to do something. I get tears in my eyes not because I am emotional but those kids are just so promising that I feel they will do something constructive in life. They can easily dwell into wrong things but they are quite strong and determined. I am really proud of them."

    He further added, "The kids asked me how I came to Mumbai, about my career, even I made them do a skit and lots of masti. We cut a cake, sang songs and danced. It was a joyful experience for me. It was a humbling experience for me to meet them. They are the real heroes for me."

    We asked about his opinion on the initiative taken by Producer Sudhir Sharma and Ritu Goel. Manav replied, "It's splendid, and a great initiative. There's a misunderstanding these days, about whoever takes up a social responsibility is taken as a publicity stunt but there are people (producer Sudhir sharma and Ritu Goel) who do it for a good cause. What Sudhir Sharma and Ritu Goel have done is really commendable. Even the teachers had called me and said the kids were very happy and thrilled."

    Talking about his own baby Zaara Manav says lovingly, "I am a loving father in real life too. I spend time with my daughter Zaara and whenever I ask her to kiss she gives it to me immediately. She sleeps on my shoulders and we share a buddy bonding between us."



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