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    Default Love is in the air in Channel V's The Buddy Project

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    When youngsters enter college they seem to find newfound freedom. As they cross a threshold wherein they discard uniforms to wear fashionable attire, they seem to find wind beneath their wings. Youngsters go to college not only to study but to have fun too. On newly entering adulthood, they may be all the more forthcoming to explore romantic relationships. Indeed love is in the air not just on Valentine’s Day but 365 days in a year on college campuses.

    The students of The Buddy Project Season 2 are no exceptions. The cheeky Cupid is at play with his bow and arrows in the campus.

    Our source replied that sweet love tracks are to unfold on the show. She informed us, “Expect dollops of romance on the series. First of all interesting developments are to happen between K D (Fahad Ali) and Kiya (Bharti Kumar).”

    K D and Kiya had ended on a sour note in the former season. Now they are returning to a state of cordiality, old sparks are flying and they are wanting to be friends now. Their friendship may blossom into romance in future.

    We called K D and asked him if he would be excited to enact romantic tracks between K D and Kiya. He told us excitedly, “Of course I love doing romantic scenes. Viewers loved the romance and chemistry between K D and Kiya in the first season. If this happens again, I am quite sure that the viewers will love it.”

    Meanwhile R.V (Kunal Jaisingh) and Rukmini (Sonal Vengurlekar) will grow closer despite they hailing from diverse backgrounds. R.V hails from an affluent family and is spoiled. It will be revealed that Rukmini comes from a rural background and has faced various social impediments when she wanted to study.

    Sonal added, “R.V thinks that he can charm any girl on the campus. Destiny however brings him closer to Rukmini while they execute their radio jockey jobs together. He tries to probe into her past but she is tight-lipped.”

    Both Avijeet (Manish Nawani) and Omi (Samridh Bawa) like Panchi (Palak Jain). While she is participating in an inter-college festival both the boys will compete to help her. They will feel that two helping hands will be too much for her and that it will be sufficient if one person helps her. They will argue over who should be the one to help her.

    Manish said, “This is a track everyone will love to watch. All the love birds including all those who are hoping to fall in love and silent lovers who love the mention of love will enjoy this. It is fun to do so many scenes with Palak. She has done so much of work and we can learn a thing or two from her.”

    Our source informed that an ‘interesting friendship’ will grow between Avantika (Kanika Kotnala) and Anirudh Jaitley (Manav Gohil). She added that it won’t be an infatuation though. Kanika however refuted this saying, “No, Avantika has a crush on Jaitley. In almost every college some student will have a crush on a teacher.”

    We will keep you updated on the imminent happenings of this serial.



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