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    Default Kiya's "love test" for KD in Channel [V]'s The Buddy Project

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    It is a pleasure to see young romance blossoming in Channel [V]s popular show The Buddy Project 2 (Sunshine Productions). With the young college goers making all efforts to fulfill the pressure of handling their first relationship, get set to see some interesting and fun sequences next on the show.

    The viewers are already seeing the sweet couple KD (Fahad Ali) and Kiya (Bharati Kumar) bickering on small topics like usual couples do. And with KD forgetting to wish Kiya on her birthday, she will now play pricey and will also plan a loyalty test to check his true love for her.

    As a source informs us, Kiya will get a very hot friend of hers who will try to woo KD and test his true feelings for Kiya. The viewers will be treated to some hilarious moments with these sequences.

    KD who is in love with Kiya head over heels will try to avoid the girl as much as possible, and will also hide about this sudden beauty encounter from Kiya. But since she is the one to have planted this entire situation, she will get upset by KD covering about the girl.

    KD who will feel that Kiya might get upset knowing about this other girl will find himself in a soup when he will find that the entire setup was laid by none other than Kiya, adds the source.

    We buzzed Fahad who asked us to call later but Bharati shared: Viewers will see a lot of interesting sequences soon. Keep tuned in.

    Well, we are sure the Kisha (KD and Kiya) fans will be gearing up for this fun sequence.

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    i want to watch romance between Rukimini and Ranveer ♥



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