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    Default KD's "fiery" battle in Channel [V]'s The Buddy Project

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    The very popular show The Buddy Project 2, (Sunshine Productions) on Channel [V], that showcases the life of youngsters and their struggles in college, has been winning hearts with its high-end drama and real life incidents.

    Currently, love and romance is visibly flowing on the show; but now it’s time for some action. As a source informs us, “Accidentally, a fire will break out in the boys hostel. This will lead to a lot of action-packed drama in an upcoming episode.”

    It will so happen that suddenly a big fire will engulf the room where the boys will be having fun. In this melee, some boys will be caught inside the room. And the show’s kickass action hero, KD (Fahad Ali) will be seen as the saviour who will help the only boy caught in the fire to come out safely.

    Fahad, who has been doing a lot of daredevil actions in the previous season and also in the current one, was said to be really excited about this act. He even went on to tweet, “One more stunt ...super exciting...n ds time its FIRE :-)”

    Added the source, “With no one in the vicinity to help out the boy in the room, KD will jump in time and fight the terrible fire to save the poor boy. It will be a very interesting sequence.”

    It is time for the fans of the actor and the show to sit up and enjoy this high-end action drama.



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