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    Default KD-Kiya's first date to turn out a roller coaster ride in Channel [V]'s The Buddy Project 2

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    The exciting Mega Monday special on Channel [V] is back with its most popular show The Buddy Project 2 (Sunshine Productions). With high dose of drama promised in the Mega Monday series, the show will entertain viewers with romance, comedy, action and loads of fun.

    Says a source, Its time for the special first date of KD (Fahad Ali) and Kiya (Bharti Kumar). This date being the highlight of the episode, a lot of drama has been lined up along with it.

    Excited??? Well, now let us tell you as to what all will be served to you in this episode.

    The buddies will train KD to have an enjoyable date. All geared up, KD will have a very romantic time with Kiya over dinner and surprises. But their happiness will be short lived when the buddies, Ranveer (Kunal Jaisingh), Piddi (Nikhil Mehta), Panchi (Palak Jain) will drop in to help KD overcome his fright of dating, but instead will end up messing up things. With the whole gang getting together under the same roof, it will be impossible for everything to go right.

    After a lot of hilarious incidents, suddenly Kiyas evil sister Anya (Minal Mogam) will come to the place along with her mother who will be shocked to see Kiya with KD. As to them, KDs impression is that of a rowdy roadside poor guy, Anya will give him right and left on daring to date her sister, adds the source. They would also drag away Kiya from the place.

    With so much of rebuking, KD will react angrily when they (sister and mother) ask Kiya to break up with him and come along with them. Kiya will be lost between her love and her family.

    When we buzzed up Fahad, he said, The episode will be a really interesting one. And I am sure the fans will love the romantic times between KD and Kiya. A lot of excitement and twists have also been lined up.

    Will the cute pair Kisha (as fans lovingly call the couple) remain happy or will it be the end for their relation?

    For all the exciting drama tune in to the show this Monday, 5 August (2013).



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