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    Default A hilarious 'gay sequence' in store for viewers in The Buddy Project

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    Channel Vís The Buddy Project (Sunshine Productions) is to telecast a rib tickling episode tomorrow. Teacher Anirudh Jaitley (Manav Gohil) will tell Avijit Chandan Roy (Manish Nawani) and Omi (Samridh Bawa) in jest that every love story starts off with a fight. After all, they just canít stop fighting. Both the boys however take his words seriously and conjure an amusing gay sequence between them. The boys are so confused after envisioning it that they run away from one another in opposite directions.

    Manish Nawani who plays Avijeet said, ďThe gay sequence was really funny, even on paper when we read the script. When we got down to shooting it, we just couldnít stop laughing. It was executed in a romantic way. Some people will love watching it, some may find it weird and some will like to laugh along with it like we did. It was ironical because Avi and Omi are running after the same girl Panchi Rastogi (Palak Jain). Suddenly writer Anand Shivkumaran threw a surprise at us. The sequence isnít derogatory in any way and is done only in good humour.Ē

    Samridh Bawa who plays Omi added, ďThe scene was very funny. Even while shooting that scene Manish, I and the director were laughing all the time. This is happening for the very first time that Omi and Avi will be seen in a romantic scene together and that too not with any girl. It is only Avi and Omiís romantic scene together. Though it is not for real, Mr.Jaitley will brainwash us for a while that will make us think about we being together. When we will come out of the homosexual flash we see, we will literally feel abhorred because this can never happen as both Omi and Avi are straight guys. They simply canít think like that especially for one another.Ē

    For more updates on the show keep watching this space.



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