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    Default Fahad Ali's family visits the sets of The Buddy Project

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    Fahad Ali, who is currently seen as KD on Channel Vís The Buddy Project, had a family moment on the sets recently that the actor just canít get over it.

    As per a source, recently Fahadís family, that stays at Dehradun, had come down to Mumbai to visit him. And during their stay here, the actor planned to take them on the sets of the show. This was for the first time when Fahad took his family on sets in spite of being in the industry for quite some time.

    Incidentally, Fahad has done shows like Balika Vadhu, Bairi Piya and Betab Dil Ki Tamanna.

    ďThey had come down to Mumbai for a week and I wanted them to see how I work. That is why I took them on the setsĒ, says the actor. ďIt was special to have them around. They watched me act on the monitor and also had lunch with our team.Ē So did they like anybody in particular? ďWell they liked everybody and so did all my co-stars,Ē he goes on to add.

    The actor misses his family as he avers, ďI miss them a lot as I am staying here all alone. It was fun to have them around and have ghar ka khaana for a few days.Ē

    Thatís so cute of Fahad!



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