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    Default The Buddy Project team to shoot all across Mumbai for inter-school competition sequence

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    Channel Vís The Buddy Project, of Sunshine Productions, will see an inter-school competition.

    This particular competition has been designed on the lines of Dharma Productionsí Student Of The Year. Hence, there will be a dance and a singing competition, a quiz contest and a treasure hunt.

    And if sources are to be believed, the cast will be shooting around Mumbai for the treasure hunt from 16 November (2012).

    As per a reliable source, as usual KD (Fahad Ali) - Kiya (Bharti Singh), Ranveer (Kunal Jaisingh)-Panchi (Palak Jain), Samar (Jatin Sharma)-Juhi (Krishna Patel) and Bobby (Chestha Bhagat)-Piddhi (Nikhil Mehta) will be a part of the inter-school competition.

    We also hear that the production team has set up a special stage for this particular track.

    When we got in touch with Fahad, he said, ďYes, we do have an inter-school competition, but as far as the shooting around Mumbai is concerned, I am not very sure about it. On the whole, I am having fun shooting for this track.Ē

    The shooting of the inter-school competition has already begun and it will air this Monday (12 November 2012).



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