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    Default The Buddy Project cast and crew get a surprise visitor...a Russell Viper

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    Excitement level on the sets of Channel Vs The Buddy Project reached a greater height yesterday evening (4 October 2012). Reason? This Sunshine Productions show had a surprise visitor. Whoor rather what?

    Without much beating around the bushlets clear the clouds of anxiety by quoting Jatin Sharma, who plays one of the students, Samar Pratap, in the show.

    We spotted a Russell Viper snake (third most poisonous snake in India) in the outer area of our set. The reptile was busy belching out a mouse it had eaten (it first just swallows a prey and slowly digests it throwing out certain parts). At first we thought the snake was a python given its long length. The production unit guys then immediately swung into action. The people living close to the set were warned. While we also took steps to prevent the snake from entering into the main studio, where the school set is located, lest it causes pandemonium and danger to the cast and crew. After great efforts, we managed to capture the snake and then called the snake charmer, who shocked us when he told us all that it was a Russell Viper and had it bit anyone it would have landed us in serious mess.

    So did the shooting get affected? No, as we restricted the snake to the exterior perimeters of the set, work continued in full swing inside.

    Jatin who originally hails from Rajashtan further shared, As a child, I have seen many snakes in my native village but this breed is really lethal. I have seen many programs on Russell Vipers on Discovery channel, as I am wild life and animal enthusiast.

    It must have been quite an experience for sure!!!



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