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    [V] The Buddy Project 7th January 2013 Written Update by sweetshine

    Epi begins with Piddi getting out of the washroom with the toilet paoer roll with somethings written on it, Piddi hides the paper roll from the corridor camera and puts it in his bag, he then goes around in search for Bobby, he reaches the canteen and is about to ask someone about Bobby when he realizes about the cctv and pretends to tie his shoe lace and asks the girl about Bobby getting no response
    He finally spots Bobby in the corridor and runs after her who runs away from him into the washroom, Piddi waits outside the door for her when two girls come out and make fun of him, Piddi sees the cctv and leaves from there
    Back at canteen Juhi comes and sits with her lunch box and starts crying, Samar just comes and is about to go to her seeing her crying but stops seeing the cctv, the canteen guy comes to Juhi asking her what happened to her she cries more and anther girl comes and asks her the same thing, Juhi replies AFP is killing her, the canteen guy gets confused and asks what kind of disease is that, the girl tells him its Away from Phone, she is away from her phone that’s why she is crying
    Juhi whines she hasn’t updated her status on fb from past 2 days and hasn’t even uploaded any pics or liked old pics, everyone including Samar starts laughing as she goes on telling them her sad story without internet and phone
    Samar goes to the counter and orders for a sandwhich as Juhi keeps whining, he makes a smiley on the sandwhich with sauce and leaves the plate on Juhi’s table, Juhi turns to see Samar who signs her to smile and makes her smile
    Bobby passes Piddi sitting on the staircase when he calls out to her and tells her he wants to talk to her and he knows she is avoiding him because of the cctv cam and that is why he is talking to her facing other way so that no one will know he is talking to her
    He tells her he has something for her and says not to reject it and takes out the toilet paper roll from his bag and gives it to Bobby
    Bobby to the camera: Toilet paper… she thinks Piddi has gone mad
    Piddi asks her to take it again but the roll slips from his hand and falls down the staircase revealing the long letter he wrote for Bobby, he picks it up and rolls the paper and tells Bobby its his letter for her, Bobby sees Banga coming and runs away from there
    Piddi seeing Banga takes the rest of the toilet paper and throws it off into the dustbin, Banga immediately asks him what did he throw away, Piddi replies toilet paper does he want it, Banga gets disgusted and says no, Piddi makes up a story that some students just left toilet paper all over the place so he just cleaned it up and threw it since the punishment Banga gave for cleaning it has becum a habit for him, Banga becomes impressed of him and leaves
    Piddi to the camera: with so much difficulty he wrote the love letter on the toilet as there is no cctv and now everything is ruined, he needs to do something very soon of the cctv cams and has to convince KD bhai to give ideas
    KD is waiting outside Kiya’s house and thinks about the chit passing btw Kiya-RV and how RV was treating Kiya in the corridor, just then Piddi calls him and tells him his mom went out so he is calling him using his maid’s phone who is on the other hand charging him, Piddi asks KD for help, he tells him he has to do something about the cctv cams coz he cant live without talking to Bobby
    KD asks him what kind of help does he want from him, Piddi tells him just to give him idea, he tells him he just needs an idea to stop the cctv story and the rest of the things he will do, KD thinks about his father’s words to him and refuses while Piddi gets emotional and asks for his help
    KD stops talking and hides away when he sees RV coming with his car, RV comes out with a bouqet and enters Kiya’s house, KD looks over at him as Piddi on the phone calls out to KD, Piddi goes on with his emotional attyachar and tells KD why would he understand his feelings as he would never know how a person feels to see his heart breaking in front of his eyes, KD looks sadly towards RV who enters Kiya’s house
    KD then tells Piddi he will tell him the whole plan tomorrow but Piddi himself has to carry out the whole plan, Piddi thanks him while KD keeps the phone
    KD is still outside Kiya’s house while his phone rings again, he sees the number and asks Piddi what is it now, Piddi asks him that sicne there is a curfew and they cant talk at school how will he tell him about the idea, KD tells him he will mail it to him, Piddi tells him what is he saying as they aren’t allowed to use internet in the curfew
    KD tells Piddi they can talk later, Piddi says ok first and then panics and tells him no he can’t talk later as his maid will not give him the phone and he is already bankrupt paying her the bill for using the phone, KD tells himself he is stuck to him like a chewing-gum now
    Piddi keeps calling out on the phone and KD tells him to tell everyone to check their mail at the computer lab tomorrow, Piddi asks him how can he tell everyone since there is the curfew, he hears a bike’s sound on the other side and tells KD to enjoy his bike ride while KD cuts the call
    KD to the camera: if Piddi would have been in front of him today he would have definitely strangled him
    Piddi to the camera: KD bhai is surely missing him a lot but the call is not going
    Piddi hears someone coming and thinks its his mom and hides the phone inside his shirt and puts his head down pretending to sleep, his maid comes and tries to wake him up and tells him to give back her phone before he makes his mom murder her
    Piddi tells her not to take it but she tells him if his mom finds out then she will be surely fired and takes the phone and leaves, Piddi thinks how to tell everyone at school about the mail without getting caught
    RV goes inside and sees Aanya in the hall room and goes up to her saying he cant believe he is meeting the Aanya Gujral, he gives her the bouquet and compliments her and praises her so much, Aanya wonders who he is and RV introduces him as Kiya’s classmate and tells her he is Aanya’s big fan, Aanya gets impressed with RV while Kiya looks bewildered at RV as to what was he up to
    RV tells Aanya that he and Kiya are going out for coffee, Aanya makes a face and RV tells her he will be so glad to have her join too but then turns off the topic before Aanya could say anything, saying it must be too stressful for her to go out as there might be people following her and tells her he totally understands if she cant go out and keeps flirting with her impressing her more
    Kiya asks Aanya if she can go out with RV for coffee and before Aanya would say anything RV tells Kiya she must be mad asking her sis for permission as Aanya surely isn’t a boring big sis that she wouldn’t allow her for coffee, he puts his hand forward for Kiya and is about to leave when he stops and goes back to Aanya pleading her to give him her next concert passes for sure
    KD was about to leave in an auto rickshaw when he sees Kiya-RV coming out, Kiya tells RV he was trying to impress Aanya di a lot, RV tells her if he wouldn’t have done all that then she wouldn’t have allowed Kiya out, Kiya says she cant believe she is out of the house and her sis actually gave permission to go out with him, RV tells her he told her to leave all that on to him, Kiya thanks him for doing all that as she really needed a break
    RV tells her what are friends for and they leave on RV’s car while KD gets on the rickshaw and tells the driver to follow them
    Reaching the place Kiya twirls around happily feeling the freedom while RV looks at her smiling, Kiya tells him that after Alpha-plus she has become very depressed and above that Banga’s restrictions, RV tells her to forget everything and enjoy and live this moment, they walk away while KD comes from behind looking over at them



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