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    Default Buddies to bring Anirudh and Maya together in Channel V's The Buddy Project

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    ‘Together we stand, divided we fall’- has been an old saying. And seems like the young group in Channel V’s The Buddy Project (Sunshine Productions) has learnt the proverb in time and will make full utilization of it in the coming episodes.

    Viewers have seen an undercurrent of animosity between Anirudh (Manav Gohil) and Maya (Priya Bhatija), owing to a past misunderstanding. And this has made them not trust each other anymore leading the college fest to suffer.

    The buddies will now get back together and decide to revive their friendship. Kiya (Bharati Kumar) will recall how Jaitley sir had helped them reconcile in college by surprising people without telling each other. And thus the buddies will decide to use the tactic on the professor.

    Informs a source, “They will firstly decide to gift Maya and Jaitley something of their liking and make it look like it’s given by them to each other.”

    Thus they will place flowers in Maya’s room and keep chocolates in Jaitley’s. And as expected the duo will be flattered seeing the gifts and will also think that the other has gifted it to make them feel special.

    Will the couple manage to get back as friends with the help of the buddies?

    We called up Nikhil Mehta who plays Piddi in the show who averred, “The track is currently focusing on Maya and Jaitley Sir and the buddies will be using all methods to bring them together and make the fest a success.”

    Only time will tell whether the buddies manage to succeed in their plan or not.



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