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    Default Banga to apply the divide and rule policy in the Buddy Project

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    As reported earlier, Banga (Raj Sevak) has taken over the charge of the school in Channel Vís The Buddy Project (Sunshine Productions). And, now he will leave no stone unturned to create a dispute between the buddy gang.

    A source tells us, Banga wants to divide the buddies from each other hence; he will call all of their parents one by one and tell them that the other kid is being a bad influence on theirs. This is not it as he will also warn the parents that if the gang stays together he will not let them appear for their exams. Hence, frightened parents will keep their kids away from their friends.

    He will also ban the use of cell phones in school.

    However, soon there will be an interesting twist where the kids will come up with innovative ideas of talking to each other.

    Kunal Jaisingh aka Ranveer said, ďYes, Banga will apply the divide and rule policy but as we cannot stay away from one and other, we will come up with a solution.Ē

    Sounds interestingÖ



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