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    Default I am glad to get the character of Omi

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    Says Samridh Bawa who is currently playing the character of Omi in Sudhir Sharma’s The Buddy Project Season 2 - Now in College after doing shows like Get Gorgeous, Gumrah, Crime Patrol and Kya Huaa Tera Vaada…

    Tell us something about yourself?
    I am a very friendly guy but earlier, I was not. I am very active. People consider me as a very good friend. I share a very good bonding with my friends. I do masti and I talk a lot. People at times have a problem understanding it but when they spend time with me they get used to it. I am a very calm and friendly guy.

    Was acting on your mind since childhood? How did acting happen to you?
    When I was 5, I wanted to become a doctor and later a cricketer. My decision always kept changing. My parents were really worried about me as I was weak in studies too. When I was in the 8th – 9th std I was an introvert and shy. Then I got into dancing and used to perform in schools but only in group dancing. After that I started acting in front of the mirror in my room. After my 10th I got interested in acting. My parents were worried and they thought that it's again a temporary thing but I convinced them that this time I am sure about my decision. They asked me to do well in my studies and then they would check if I was serious. I studied really hard and scored 80% and completed my graduation. That is when even they felt that this time I was sure about my career choice.

    How has The Buddy Project changed your life?
    I always wanted to do a youth based show. I auditioned for many youth shows, but I guess "The buddy project" was in my fate. It is a "youth show". The character I am playing (Omi Dhaiya) is a very different and unique one. Lots of people auditioned for it but I am glad to get this role. It has helped me in many ways, first of all I wanted to see if I can do justice to this character, for which I am trying my best and people are liking my work. Secondly, I have never worked with such a nice team, we all are like a family. I believe that if you enjoy at your workplace, you perform all the more better. The show has given me new friends. TBP has given me fame and people have appreciated my work. TBP is a great step towards my passion and my dream is to become an actor. I would thank the Channel and the TBP team for believing in me and casting in their show, specially the Producers (Mr. Sudhir and Mrs. Seema Sharma), casting director (Reema) and creative (Shashank).

    How are Omi and Samridh different from each other?
    Samridh is from Delhi. He is a Punjabi guy but doesn't know Punjabi. Omi is Haryanvi and talks like a dehati. I don't speak either but I have made my own language. Even if I get English words, I avoid.

    What feedback do you get from your family and friends?
    They love my work. My mother likes that her beta is onscreen. My friends also love it. However, I don't trust my family as they always feel I am doing very well. This character is different and very nice. Initially, I was worried ki kaisa karunga but I have got a lot of appreciation for it. For the role of Omi, I think I have done full justice.

    Do you spend time with your buddy project co-stars?
    Yes, I have started doing that now. Manish and I watch movies together. There was a cricket match between Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 vs The Buddy Project. After the match, we all went out for dinner. We all try going out when we get time.

    With whom do you bond the best off-screen?
    All actors are very friendly and of the same age except for some senior actors. All are super friendly. Initially I was nervous but then later I mixed with all really well. I share my room with Manish my onscreen rival. We share a brother like bonding. We both hail from Delhi.

    What is your dream role?
    I have not yet thought on that. I go on with what I get. I admire Hrithik Roshan and Rajpal Yadav. Hrithik for his personality and dance and also his acting in Koi Mil Gaya and Guzaarish. I like Rajpal Yadav for his comic timings and his comedy. I don't have any dream role as such but if I get a role like that I will keep them in mind.

    How do you balance between professional and personal life?
    I shoot cut to cut so no time for personal life.1st priority is work if I get time then workout. Whenever I get time, I prefer doing workouts only because I love staying fit. Even my character demands that. After workout I still get time in which I watch movies.

    Where would you love to go on a vacation?
    I love to go to Hill stations. When I was in Delhi, we used to go to such places during our vacations. I have been to many hill stations. I guess some places I have been more than 4 to 5 times. I miss all that. I love hill stations especially going there in December.

    Where do you like to hang out most in Mumbai?
    In Mumbai I like to hang out in the town area as it's a very lively area. I peacefully sit, relax and chill there. I like Marine Drive and once even celebrated one of my birthdays there.

    Who is your inspiration?
    My parents and my family are my inspiration. They have supported me a lot. I am here for acting and they have never said a 'no' to me. During my childhood days, even if they had problems they have faced it alone. I have still got everything I wanted and asked for. My relatives and cousins were against me when I decided about getting into acting but my family still supported me. I can't thank them enough for what they have done for me.

    Any message to your fans?
    They have loved my work. On Facebook, they text me and I reply to them always. I am glad and thank them. Thank you all so much. Keep watching me, and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love you all.



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