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    We in talks with Shivin Narang aka Yuvraj of Suvreen Guggal - Topper of the year…

    The cheetah of Channel V's Suvreen Guggal - Topper of the year, popularly known as Yuvraj aka Shivin Narang gets candid with us…

    We all know about Yuvraj but tell us something about Shivin.
    I am a Delhi guy. I have completed my BBA & B.Com from there then started modeling.

    Can you relate yourself to the character of Yuvraj?
    Yes, I relate to the character of Yuvraj. The show is based out of Delhi, just like me. So, the slangs and the language used are the same. I used to be the sports captain of my school and college and a national athlete and a shooter just like Yuvraaj is. He is a cheetah of the college and so was I. All I can say is that you can find Yuvraj in Shivin and Shivin in Yuvraj.

    How did you get into the field of acting?
    I was not interested in doing shows and I was happy modeling in Delhi. I had thought of getting into the field of acting after a few years. My creative Meghna picked me from my Facebook account. She contacted me there and I was asked to send my video. I was refusing to come to Mumbai but I was convinced to come here. I came to Mumbai for one day and I got selected that day only. I didn't want to get into the field of acting so soon but I read the script and I found it interesting and also the character so I agreed. That's how I am here.

    How's working with Smiriti Kalra as your co-star?
    She is a very good friend and a great actress too. I respect her. I have learned acting from her.

    Your best buddy on the sets?
    It's Smiriti only. My director and the whole team have helped me a lot in learning the art of acting but it is said that co-star help you a lot which has been the case with me too. She is a very nice person.

    Do you find any changes in yourself after getting into the field ?
    Memory loss! I used to remember my friends' birthdays before but now I hardly remember (laughs). The second change I am experiencing in myself is the lack of sleep. I can't sleep for more than 3-4 hrs a day.

    Youth shows, saas bahu sagas or Bollywood movies. In what would you prefer to act ?
    I would love to act in youth shows. I was not interested in doing shows but I am doing this because it's a youth based show. I was interested in my character. I would love to play playful roles. Whatever kind of work we are doing, we must enjoy it thoroughly.

    Any craziest fan encounter you would like to share?
    I went to Shirdi recently. I got surrounded by a huge mob there who were screaming 'Yuvraj Yuvraj'. Such things keep on happening in Mumbai but I had never expected such things to happen there. That was really sweet of all of them. It was a really nice experience for me.

    What's your fitness mantra?
    When I go to the gym,I do not follow a particular exercise routine but I prefer a complete workout for the body.

    Your presence on social media?
    I am on Facebook as well as on twitter. But I am more active on Facebook than twitter because it's easy to connect with my friends and most importantly to remember their birthdays from there (laughs).

    How would your real life princess be like?
    She would be like a princess only. She has to be sweet, cute, honest, a nice person and somebody who can bear me and my timings (laughs).

    For what do you get complimented the most?
    I am getting a lot of compliments for my acting. I have got to hear from my fans that I am acting so well that it doesn't seems like it's my first show. We cannot only survive on good looks. Acting is the other most important thing.

    Any funny off-screen incident from your sets you would like to share?
    Once we were given a car to shoot for a road trip scene and I took the car and I went for a long drive along with my on-screen friends. The production people were calling us to know our whereabouts and kept telling us to come soon. I took the car very far away from our sets. Apart from this, we all keep on playing pranks on each other.

    Message to your fans?
    Thank you and love you all. Thank you for your support, attention and the TRPs coming from your side. I am overwhelmed with the response.



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