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    Default The uniqueness of our lead Suvreen Guggal is that she is a very relatable character : Producer

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    The Channel V show, Suvreen Guggal – Topper of the Year, produced by 4 Lions Films and Fable Tree Pictures has been consistently doing well, attracting and educating the youngsters of today. As per the recent ratings (Week 1 ratings), Suvreen Guggal takes the #1 spot (average of 0.6 TVR) when it comes to fiction shows on the channel. The best part of the show’s success is that it has been dealing with quite a number of sensitive issues from day one, and their central character of Suvreen, essayed by Smriti Kalra, has always been a girl who fights for justice.

    Talking about their journey, Producer Shakti Sagar Chopra (Fable Tree Pictures) tells us, “Our central character Suvreen from the beginning has been a very grounded girl and a very relatable character. The uniqueness of our lead character is that she is an average girl from a small town who has come to Delhi for studies; she is a girl who is always ready to takes the issues pertaining to youth in her hand, and fight it out.”

    Whether it be the hunger strike protest of Suvreen in the initial episodes of the show to voice displeasure over the high cut-off marks in college, or the entire Maro incident that talked of the ‘Pink Chaddi Campaign’, the show has always followed a Gandhian way of protest. On the sensitive issues that the show has dealt so far, the producer states, “Our story and tracks have always been treading on a thin line. We have a young bunch of creative people in our team who have been very passionate about the show. We are proud of our writers, actors and directors as they have been doing a fabulous job. The uniqueness of Suvreen Guggal is that it is not just another show which shows teenage drama. We have got a lot of layers in the story which touches the youth of today. And the best part is that the show is doing well.”

    When asked whether he would have rather wanted the show to air on a GEC (which would have given him better ratings), Shakti shares, “Channel V is a great platform and we are all the while talking to our viewers. If we had this show on a GEC which has more of the housewives as viewers, we would have had to cater to every set of viewers as a compulsion. But now, with Channel V we need to cater only to the youngsters in the language they understand. The channel has been highly co-operative and we always work as a team and take collective decisions.”

    Suvreen Guggal, as reported by us is presently dealing with the issue of eve-teasing. Before signing off, the producer says, “Yes, the entire nation is touched about the sad rape incident that took place in Delhi. As usual, we are trying our level best to deal with this issue and educate the masses.”

    Well done, Team Suvreen Guggal.. you have indeed touched the chord of masses with the sensitive issues that you deal with.



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