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    Default I think now is the right time for me to get into movies: Mohit Malik

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    After doing few Television shows actor Mohit Malik now wants to focus on movies as Television has given him an adequate acting experience.

    Mohit Malik who plays Rehan in Channel V's Suvreen Guggal -Topper of The Year, talks more about his journey as Rehan, about his character and his future plans with us.

    How has been the experience of playing Rehan so far?
    It's been a great experience for me to play this character. I will be completing a year playing this character very soon. I am enjoying a lot and getting to learn a lot from the character.

    What do you feel is the best part about your character?
    He is a very real guy, he is functional and an urban guy. There are guys like Rehan and he is very much like me. The character of Rehan is very close to me. The best thing about Rehan is that he is a very sensitive, helpful and a positive soul. He is a very down to earth person and he is concerned towards others and Suvreen (Smiriti Kalra). Whatever he has achieved in his life, is because of his hard work. Sometimes he becomes arrogant for the reason that people don't take him for granted but he becomes a totally different person when he meets with the people he knows.

    One trait of Rehan that you would like to acquire?
    Maturity! The character of Rehan is very mature as he thinks a lot before doing anything unlike Yuvraaj (Shivin Narang). I hardly think before doing anything in my life. I would like to acquire the maturity of Rehan and I think I have gained it to some extent while playing this character from the past 1 year.

    What's your take on the love triangle of RC, Ira and Suvreen? Who according to you will be perfect for Rehan?
    Rehan doesn't love Ira (Simple Kaul) and Ira loves Rehan but Rehan loves Suvreen. Rehan wants Suvreen in his life. This love triangle is very interesting. I think Rehan and Ira will be a mis-match. Rehan and Ira are best friends. Rehan can connect to Suvreen as seeing Suvreen, he has realized that Suvreen is just like Rehan. He is very fond of Suvreen and her dedication towards work which impressed Rehan and he fell in love with Suvreen.
    I have seen that many fans want to see Suvreen and me as a pair in the show since my entry in the show has been shown mid way. I am happy to get such a response from fans which is a big thing for me and also happy to know that people have started accepting me. I like the graph of this character, the way it has shaped up. I would like to thank the audience for accepting me in the show. In real life too, I am very fond of Smriti because she is a very talented actor and our scenes come out to be good. I enjoy working with her.

    How challenging it is for you to play the character of Rehan?
    It's not so challenging but I feel that every role is challenging. TV is a very demanding thing and you get to work under a lot of pressure and have to give your best. It's a great thing for an actor if he is giving his best on television even if you are working under pressure. Playing Rehan was little easier for me as compared to the roles that I have played earlier on Television. Rehan is a guy who is very much like me. I have to do a little homework for playing this character of a fashion designer to know about his hand gestures as creative people use a lot of hand gestures. He is an urban guy so it wasn't challenging for me to play but I would love to take up a challenging role in future. Playing a character in the popular show Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya was indeed a challenging role for me.

    Rehan according to you in one word?

    What kind of reaction you get from the fans for your character? How do you feel about it?
    The reaction is wonderful. It's a youth centric show and I remember when I was in a market nearby my house in Delhi and some fans were following me. I came to them and gave autographs. That was a very sweet fan encounter I had. The character is being very much appreciated by the fans and Channel V has a very good base of youth audience. The fan pages are full of messages and feedback that Rehan should do this and not this and they like my character.

    Do you think that playing Rehan is a turning point for your career?
    The turning point of my career was the character of Abhimanyu which I played in the show Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya. The character was totally opposite to me as to what I am and people were amazed to see me playing that kind of a character. I would say that playing Rehan is another milestone achieved in my career.

    What kind of roles you would prefer to play in future?
    I would like to play challenging roles in future, where I have to do some homework and work on it. I would like to play a character in which I have to transform myself; physically or mentally. Getting these kind of roles is really tough.

    Would you like to take part in any of the reality shows?
    Yes, I would like to take part in reality shows which will suit me. I am not so keen to take part in Big Boss and I haven't also thought of taking part in it yet but I would love to take part in a dance reality show like Jhalak Dikhla Jaa. Big Boss needs patience which I don't have. I would like to take part in a dance reality show when I have the time; not along with shooting for a show and doing that too.



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