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    Default Suvreen in a spot of bother as Ira gets to know of the truth in Channel Vs Suvreen Guggal

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    Channel [V]s Suvreen Guggal Topper of the Year (Fable Tree Pictures and 4 Lions Films) will have a party at Iris (the fashion company where Suvreen works) in the coming episodes, to celebrate the success story of the calendar shoot. While loads of masti, fun and drama can be expected at the do, Suvreen (Smriti Kalra) will have a big hurdle to surpass even before the party happens.

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    Suvreen has been appreciated by one and all after she designed attires for the Dil Dostii Dance team at the nick of time. However, in tonights episode (27 May) people at Iris will get to know of Suvreen taking the drastic step of helping out a dance team, that too in the middle of such an eventful calendar shoot. Alisha Dewan (Heli Daruwala) will be the one who exposes dramatic truths about it to Ira (Simple Kaul).
    Will Suvreen be reprimanded by Ira for going out of her way and helping the D3 team?

    When contacted, Simple Kaul said, Yes, Ira is very angry at Suvreen. In fact, things get worse when all the men in office support Suvreen. You will have to watch out for all that happens after Ira gets to know of the truth.

    We also hear that the show will have quite a lot of twists in the tale during the party.

    Get ready for all the action and drama in Suvreen Guggal.



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