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    Default Suvreen gets punished for not following the code of conduct in Suvreen Guggal...

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    Channel V’s Suvreen Guggal – Topper of the Year (co-produced by 4 Lions Films and Fable Tree Pictures) has seen some interesting developments this week with Suvreen (Smriti Kalra) getting nominated for the General Secretary’s role in the college elections. While she competes against Yuvraj (Shivin Narang) who stands for the President’s role from the opposite party, the coming episodes will see a gang war break up between Gyanesh’s (Parth Zutshi Sarin) team and Yuvraj’s.

    As a result of these fights, the Principal will soon chalk out some strict rules that will be enforced on one and all in the college. All the students will be forced to adhere to the strict code of conduct set. And when Suvreen does not follow one of the rules, she is given a weird punishment by the authorities, and that is to write the whole rulebook so that she does not forget the rules that are to be followed. She tries to rebel, but does not succeed. Finally she takes a major decision, and that is to only write the rule book and not attend any classes or study. Soon Suvreen will get support from many in the college; the students will sit outside the college and start to write the rule book.

    When contacted, producer Shakti Sagar Chopra told us, “Yes, Suvreen has been nominated for the General Secretary’s post. In the coming week, the college authorities will set up a strict code of conduct due to the gang wars that erupt after Suvreen’s nomination.”

    How will the Principal react to Suvreen’s challenge?

    Catch the interesting development in the show…



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