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    Default Suvreen Guggal's new challenge in the Fashion World to kick-start in Season 2

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    Channel [V]ís The Buddy Project, produced by Sunshine Productions recently got started with its Season 2 wherein the buddies move out of school to enter the challenging life of a media college. Now, it is time for 4 Lions Films and Fable Tree Picturesí popular show Suvreen Guggal Ė Topper of the Year to take the same route.

    News about Season 2 of Suvreen Guggal being on its way, has already been in the news. We have dug out bit of information on the new developments in Season 2.

    We hear that Season 2 will be completely based on the Fashion World. The focus will be on the Fashion Company which happens to be the dream project of Rehaan Charles (Mohit Mallik) and Ira (Simple Kaul). Suvreen who is a topper will enter into this glamorous and completely different fashion world only to find herself misfit in this world. However, she promises herself that every time she will fall, she will stand up again!! Her only aim is to prove to the world that she has the capability to chase her dreams and turn them into reality.

    We also hear that the team of Suvreen Guggal is presently busy giving the final touches to the new sets erected. Shoot for Season 2 is expected to start in the next 4-5 days, is what we hear. As of now, the creative team is working on the new track ahead and on the characters that are to be retained. Also, process is on for the introduction of new cast too. As of now, the characters of Suvreen Guggal (Smriti Kalra), Yuvraj (Shivin Narang), Rehaan Charles (Mohit Mallik) and Ira (Simple Kaul) have been retained.

    We tried calling Smriti Kalra, but could not get through to her.

    All our efforts to get in touch with Producer Gul Khan and Shakti Sagar Chopra were in vain.

    Get ready for a brand new refreshing season of Suvreen Guggal.



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